Soldier soldier

This is a speech that I wrote for a year 7 and 8 assembly at my school. I performed it in October 2015. No video but I can get one next time.

You see this (pic of a soldier)
A soldier. Right? Fighting for a cause? Yes?
You see this (pic of me or someone else)
Another soldier? No? But doesnt a soldier fight for a cause? Well Im fighting. Im fighting for a cause, does that count? I like to think so. I like to think that I am a soldier, fighting for a good cause, to help those in need.
This place (pic of aylestone)
Is our battleground.
You guys are soldiers, who fight for good, not evil – to help those in need.
We are the army that will wage war against bullying.
Will you sign up to fight?

Please write a comment if you like it or dont like it…

Newcomer alert

Hi, my name is Jordan Easdale and this is my first blog, so I don’t really know how to start it off 🙂

Okay, so I am a 16 year old, female, from England. I go to a good school with some great teachers, and some no so great teachers. Currently doing my GCSE’s as I am in year 11.

I am in love with reading and writing, I think that my future career will revolve around it, so I think I may go into journalism. My teacher things it is a great idea.

I run a campaign about raising awareness about bullying and its effects on young people (more on that later)

Please, as this is my first blog give constructive criticism and forever love.


Jordan -x-